SME of the Year

Our company has received the award for the SME of the Year from the Cantabria´s Chamber of Commerce, Banco Santander and El Diario Montanes. This award rewards those companies in the Spanish region of Cantabria that have proved their commitment to: innovation, internationalization, job creation and commitment to training.

Luis Garcia, CEO of ERZIA and SANTANDER TELEPORT, received the award, accompanied by Carlos Raba (Managing Director, Santander Teleport), Monica Delgado (Technical Director, Santander Teleport) and Francisco Canales (CFO, ERZIA)

ISO 9001-2015

We are proud to continue our commitment to quality. This time we announce the renewal of our ISO 9001 certification which complies to the latest standard ISO 9001:2015

Santander Teleport leads the ranking of the Fast 20 Top Operators 2017

Santander Teleport has once again made it to the Fast 20 Top Teleport Operators rank published by the
World Teleport Association (WTA), this time to lead this list.

Each year, WTA publishes the world's only rankings of companies that operate teleports for commercial
purposes. The Fast Twenty ranks all teleport-operating companies based on year-over-year revenue
growth. Santander Teleport, located in Spain, was the fastest of the fast with a 37% year-over-year growth


Our ground infrastructure has recently been upgraded to the latest iDirect version iDX 3.3.

This new version uncovers a new set of features that provide a more efficient use of satellite capacity, reduce network costs, enable an even higher service availability performance, facilitate end-to-end network transparency and accelerate much needed horsepower at the client side. Existing terrestrial and maritime clients are already taking advantage of the new ground infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities and 24/7/365 first-class support.

New Hispasat uplink

Santander Teleport has pointed one of its Ku band antennas to the Hispasat 30W-4 satellite (previously known as Hispasat 1D). This is part of a project to establish a new VSAT network based on the latest iDirect technology to support current and new customers. Hispasat will be part of wider constellation of satellites that the company plans to use to provide extensive Ku-band coverage and value-added communication services to a variety of customers.


Our engineering team recently completed a new custom VSAT system installation in record time. Last December, Santander Teleport agreed to provide a new service for an Italian satellite technology company requiring a bespoke solution built to specific parameters in order to test a new system prototype being developed.