Our engineering team recently completed a new custom VSAT system installation in record time. Last December, Santander Teleport agreed to provide a new service for an Italian satellite technology company requiring a bespoke solution built to specific parameters in order to test a new system prototype being developed. Challenging timescales did not stop the engineering team who designed the custom VSAT system, ordered the parts, had a short but well-deserved Christmas break, installed and integrated the system with the customer´s equipment at their site in Italy, and lined up the service with the satellite operator during the third week of January. Satellite capacity has been provided to support this service.

We are delighted to report that our customer completed their tests very successfully, obtaining very favourable results of the RF and data layer analysis. They will now continue financing the next stage of the project that will run for several months - consisting of a multi-site FDMA network with satellite capacity - and have already engaged Santander Teleport to be their partner of choice. Congratulations to our commercial and engineering teams who worked side by side with our customer throughout the whole process, provided technical consultancy and ensuring that the perfect conditions were in place in order to allow the test environment to run seamless.

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